My Kickstarter Campaign is Launching Tomorrow!

I'm so excited to launch my Kickstarter Campaign. I have already started recording and it sounds amazing!  Here is a preview of my campaign:

My debut album - let's do this together! The best of my original songs written over the last decade.

My name is Allison Shirk and I'm doing a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for recording and distributing my debut Country-Rock album. Break My Heart is an album ten years in the making. These are the best of my original songs written over the last decade. The songs tell the story of my life. I poured my heart and soul into every single song and held nothing back in recording them.

I have already recorded the basic tracks for all eleven songs including bass, drums, guitar, and vocals. Funding will go directly towards studio costs, hired musicians, mixing, mastering, pressing the CD, and distributing it. This album is a diverse collection and no song sounds like another. Some will make you tap your feet and want to get up and dance, others will tug at your heartstrings.

Sounds like? I was born in Texas and spent a good chunk of my life there. Country music is in my bones. I think that this album is best described as Folk Country, but there is Rock and Blues in there too. It's sweet and sassy like Norah Jones, contagiously catchy like Sheryl Crow, and hauntingly beautiful like the Cowboy Junkies. 

Why this, why now? Music is a huge part of my life. I play my guitar every day, I sing in the car, I hum when I'm not even realizing it. I've been enjoying touring and performing, but folks ask, "Where can I get your music?...Where can I buy your CD?" There are venues and festivals I can't perform at without a album to promote.  It's time that I finally get this done.

Background - Like any little girl, I grew up singing but my Mom kept talking me into performing in front of people at parties and took me to elderly homes to sing Christmas carols for people. My Mom got me my first microphone when I was six and I spent hours practicing in front of the mirror in my room. I learned piano and played tuba and xylophone in my school band. When I was in college, my step-Mom bought me a red guitar and I learned play classical guitar and Beatles songs. I began performing with a band in 1998 and I've been hooked ever since.

Monster - One song on my album is an auto-biographical song about being a child in a home with domestic violence. It tells the story of what it is like for children when they face violence in their home. It was a painful part of my life, but I want to turn it into something good. I'm donating all the proceeds of the download of this song to domestic violence organizations that advocate for survivors and bring this dark issue into the light. Prepare yourself for goosebumps! During this campaign, you will find out more about each of the eleven songs on the album. Stay tuned!

Funding - The costs of this project include: $3,000 recording studio and sound engineer; $4,500 for the cost of other musicians - drums, bass, lead guitar, organ, violin, etc - that help bring these songs to life (approximately $100 each x 11 songs on the album); $1,500 CD pressing and packaging; $600 mastering; $1,200 cost of creating and mailing the rewards for the campaign; $1,200 transaction fees (10%) to Kickstarter and amazon for credit card transactions. The total cost is of this project is $12K and I'm raising funds for $8K of that.