At just twelve days into my Kickstarter campaign, I am 57% of the way to my goal! In fact, thanks to a very special family member who lives in Texas, I went from 34% to 57% overnight. I am deeply grateful!

Many of the people who have contributed to my campaign are people I have known over the course of my life - a distant cousin with a huge heart, someone I went to high school with, a past teacher who made a difference, a long lost childhood friend, a work colleague. When you support me in this dream, it says that our time together was special to you too. It takes me back to that time in our life - moments when we connected and conversations we had that meant something.

When I look back on my life and my childhood, I have to try hard not to see it through a blurry-eyed filter of painful memories. My life journey is marked by forcing myself to wipe that away and see instead the beautiful people I have met along the way and the adventures I have had. I have to remember that I have not been alone, but rather there were friends and loved ones there all along.

Music is story. My music is the stories and memories of my life - so if you have known me, you are there in my songs. So when you listen, I hope you'll listen for yourself. It may be subtle, but you're there, and I can't wait for you to hear it.

I'm also extremely grateful to some new friends and connections I am making as a result of this campaign. Amanda Winn and Amy Dier are going to help me get the song Monster out there beyond my own circle of friends and acquaintances. Through Amy's connection to Indrani's Light Foundation, my story has already been featured on their Facebook page and seen by hundreds of women who care about ending violence against women. I truly believe that these connections and others are going to make sure that this song gets heard by people who need to hear it.

So right now, I'm reaching out to find more people who love music, especially country music. I'm reaching out to anyone who might be moved by my story and desire to help others through my song, Monster. And I'm reaching out to friends, family, and acquaintances who may want to share this journey with me in a more intimate way - by being a part of getting these stories recorded for you to hear.

Thank you for sharing this campaign and thank you for backing my dreams.