Photo Shoot for Press Kit

Yesterday evening was a beautiful day at sunset to take some pictures and I was so grateful to have Marla Smith Photography take my photos. We took pictures at several Island locations.

Marla is awesome at making you feel comfortable singing in front of a giant truck or perched on a fence! I think we got some great shots!  Marla's photos will be available in a couple weeks, but here are some shots that Pete Welch got shadowing Marla.

Today has been a little slow, so if you are still thinking about it, please remember that every little bit counts.  Even just $5 gets me closer to my goal.

Pete and I spent the morning hanging up posters around town and I emailed everyone I know about the campaign. I hope everyone has at least heard about it by now and I hope that I'm not being annoying!

I'm rehearsing now for the show on Sunday, 4pm at Ober Park during Strawberry Festival.  I hope to see you there! My mom is flying in tonight with my niece for the event!