For My Hometown, TX

I'm from a small town. Well, that's not entirely true because I was born in Corpus Christi, but my family moved away right after I was born. The small town I'm referring to is a small town in Texas, but small towns have a lot in common, no matter where in the world they are.

Daingerfield, Texas, population 2,500, is where I spent my adolescent years. I graduated from Daingerfield High School. (Go tigers!) In Daingerfield, the men are tough. They fight hard for what they believe in and they work hard to earn a living.

One song on my album, Jimmy, is about living in Daingerfield. It's a murder ballad and the names have been changed to protect the innocent, probably. Jimmy is really tough. In fact, he's so strong, that he often forgets his own strength. He knows better than to start fights because they don't end well..for the other guy mostly. But in this story, Jimmy gets backed into a corner and somehow he accidentally murders they guys that picked the fight. Knives were pulled, people got stabbed, the cops were called and everyone ran.

When Jimmy gets home to his wife, she knows right away that something horrible has happened.

This song is also about our failing justice system and how people are judged based on their income and they way the look.

This song is dedicated to my Daingerfield friends and to all the small town girls out there.



Jimmy came home late last night

Blood on his shirt and eyes not right

Said some man forced a fight

Jimmy came home late last night

And he said, “I could try to tell you something

but the words don’t come that easy when you’re trying to be a man.

And I could try to explain myself,

but it just has more meaning if I sit and hold your hand.”

Jimmy’s gonna turn himself in

Try to explain what happened

It may be first fight he can’t win But Jimmy’s gonna turn himself in.

And he said, “I could try to tell them something

but they never believe the truth when you look like I do.

And I could try to explain myself

but I can’t even explain myself to you.”

Jimmy came home late last night

Jimmy came home after a fight

Somebody’s dead and he just might

Not come back tomorrow night.