House Concerts

Today is a big day - it's a pivotal moment in this campaign because I have only two weeks to go! This past week I was thrilled to see so many friends come out and hear me play at The Hardware Store with bassist Keith Lowe. It was really fun! I only wish the dinner conversation could have been a bit quieter so that more people could have heard my music. I even received a message on Facebook from a Kickstarter Campaign backer who wrote, "Your voice is too beautiful and your lyrics too intimate for a room full of loud diners! I look forward to hearing your CD in the quiet privacy of home."

Well, this got me to thinking... I should play a house concert! That would be the very best way to hear my music... a beautiful setting, a captive audience, a glass of wine...

So, I'm lowering the pledge amount on my rewards to $500 for house concerts. That way I can play music the way it was meant to be heard, and you can throw an intimate party for your friends where I can entertain you anytime over the next year. I'm really looking forward to it!

In the meantime, I want to say thank you again to everyone who has pledged so far:

Deb Phillimore, Hazel Lynn Singer, Tracie Mach, Clare Dohna, Kim Hoffman, Julie Mainstone Savas, Chuck VanNorman, Carl Olsen, Melinda Sontgerath, Sherry Chambliss, Janie Starr, Nan Wilson, Stephen L Jones, Susan McCabe, Melodie Woods, Sam van Fleet, Adrian, Lois Schwennesen, W M Luke Lukoskie, Connie Shirk, Debra Heesch, Reeney OReilley, Marc Pease, Mark SoRelle, Harris Levinson, Janet McAlpin, Shannon McCulloch-Benson, Peggie Edwards Slade, Patti Kangas Peterson, Will van Spronsen, Donna Kellum, Jeff Adams, Leslie Shattuck, Karen Biondo, Robin Russell, Amanda Winn, Mike & Kathy Jones, Tamara Stone, Stephanie Morris, Brent Poole, Wilson Abbott, Kali Aguilera, David Abrams, Tim Baer, Ann Gay Walker, Christine Goering, Kim Curry, Gregg Curry, Eliyahu Stahl, Samantha Smith, Kelsey Alina, Andrea Walker, Richard Rogers, Julie Nardi, Kurt Lysen, Steve Hatzenbeler, Stephen Meyer, Becky Malone, Dan Cullinan, Emma Amiad, Kathryn L Jenkins, Art Chippendale, Ginger Jones, Karen Bean, Denise Ingalls-Knott, Robert Gentzel, Cara Aguilera, Johnny Fernandes, Holly Bailey, Arlette Moody, Adam Harding, Matt Lawrence, Pete Welch, Elaine Harris Ott, Van Crozier, Peter Galindo, Jeanne Winner, Jacob Bain, Linda Bianchi, Dwayne Mukai, Rebekah Bevilacqua, Robert K. Wood, Adrienne Ross, Leslie Preslar, Marla Smith, and Tami Brockway Joyce.