First Radio Interview

I am excited to report that things are going great. We are hitting all our milestones in and out of the studio: Seven of eleven songs are have been mixed and the remaining four are very close; Mastering is scheduled for November 10th at Black Belt Mastering; Photography for the album art by Marla Smith Photography and Pete Welch is ready and the design is underway; The album will be released to backers in early December and released to the public in mid-December.

I have been relentlessly listening to the final mixes and making some tough decisions on what tracks will be used for each of the songs. One of the hardest parts has been the backing vocals because I really love to hear another voice, rather than duplicating my own voice in harmonies.  Finding the right voice for each song has been exciting. Back-up vocals can easily change the overall sound of a song. Don Farwell and Pete Welch have been tireless in helping me through these final decisions. The final mixes are scheduled to be completed on October 16th and 17th.

On November 10th, we will head over to Black Belt in Seattle to have the album mastered.  This is the final touch for the sound levels of each of the songs. Mastering makes sure that the songs have a consistent volume through the album and finalizes the song order and transitions between the songs.

Once that is completed, it's just a matter of finishing the art work for the album cover and having the physical versions produced! I'll also be working on the other rewards for backers as well as creating some new merchandise such as t-shirts and coffee cups! If you have any ideas on what kind of merchandise you think fans would like to have, please give me a shout.

That brings us to early December where backers will get to have the first listen of the album! It will be released to the public two weeks after that at a Album Release Party on Vashon Island. I am in the process of picking a venue and date for that.

This picture is of my first live radio interview that happened today!